Week 5 – Day 36

You have worked hard, and you should be proud of what you have achieved.

I know we told you to look back over the last five weeks, but there is a chance that you did not do it.

We really want you to think about it. Think about the improvement in your health. Think about the improvement in your appearance. Think about the improvement in your self-control. Think about the improvement in how you feel about yourself. Think about how you look and feel in the new, smaller clothes. Some of you had to buy new clothes because your old clothes were just too big.

When you really sit back and take a look at it, you may actually tear up. It’s OK!

You should feel GREAT about what you are accomplishing! If anybody deserves it, it’s you! No one deserves to die young because of the illness brought on by disease.

Our goal is to have you die young, but as old as possible!

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