Three Distinctively Different Weight and Fat Loss Solutions

The ChiroThin
Weight Loss

Lose 20 - 35 Pounds in just 6 Weeks. The Fastest Healthiest Weight You'll Ever Lose

Contour Light

Delivering LED-Based Energy in the 635nm and 880nm Wavelength for Non-Invasive Fat Loss.

Cold Laser
Body Sculpting

Cold Laser Body Sculpting with Penetration Depths Unmatched by Any LED Body Sculpting Device


If you're struggling with obesity, take charge of your health and get the expert help you need! Ballantyne Weight Loss Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, can show you how to win the battle against weight gain. Drop those extra pounds for good and protect yourself from serious medical risks like diabetes, leaky gut diseases, cardiovascular disease, weakened immunity – even cancer! Don't wait; start taking back control today.

MEN are the cause of all diseases, and we can help you will it all:

  • Mechanical: Maintaining an optimal balance within the body is essential for successful weight loss. Unfortunately, our food sources have drastically changed in just two decades due to GMOs, preservatives, and other artificial modifications - leading us to develop intolerances towards key micronutrients that can stand between our goals and true success.
  • Emotional: Our life is a holistic system, and our emotions play an integral role in keeping us healthy. If we're stressed or overwhelmed, the cortisol produced can lead to weight gain; but if we nurture ourselves mentally, it can bring about positive physical changes! This is just one example of how the mind impacts the body.
  • Nutritional: Nutrition isn't just a game of numbers because not all calories are equal! Learning what your body can digest and assimilate, with your unique anatomy and genetics, can make all of the difference in the world regarding staying balanced and managing weight and health.

Transform your life with rapid, healthy weight loss. Ballantyne Weight Loss Center has a comprehensive doctor-supervised program that helps you reach amazing results in 42 days! Women can expect to lose 20 - 30 pounds and 2-3 sizes—while men are likely to shed 25 - 40 pounds.

At Ballantyne Weight Loss Center, we offer phenomenal support every step of the way, so success is within reach no matter how far away you may be from achieving your weight loss and health goals!

Join the quest to a healthier you with Ballantyne Weight Loss Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, at Rea Road and Ballantyne Commons Parkway! We offer premier weight loss solutions through our signature program ChiroThin and other programs designed for your individual needs. With Gallagher Chiropractic and Wellness behind us, we are here to empower individuals on their journey toward lasting well-being.



At Ballantyne Weight Loss Center, we know that your journey to becoming a healthier version of yourself doesn't end with the shedding of excess pounds. You need tools and support in sustaining success - so don't settle for yet another "quick fix" weight loss program!

We'll equip you with implemented steps towards transforming not just your body but also habits, mindset, and lifestyle elements which are surefire ways to keep off those unwanted extra pounds long-term!

  • If you are struggling with losing weight, know that it is not a sign of failure or something wrong on the outside. Instead, we look inward and address whatever is happening inside your body that's creating obstacles and working against you when it comes to weight management and overall health. When we balance the body's systems, weight management and sustainable health becomes attainable, leading to lasting success!
  • Our bodies are incredibly adaptable and strive to maintain homeostasis - this is not always a healthy state but one it has adapted to and knows how to respond - it's where the body systems have become most comfortable. However, this can be dangerous regarding weight loss; if we haven't trained our body to recognize a 'new normal' or 'new homeostatic state,' it will eventually revert to its previous routine! That's why so many struggle with keeping off extra pounds: teaching ourselves how healthy balance feels following weight loss is key to keeping the weigh off for good.
  • If you're trying to manage your weight, most likely, your digestion is impaired and contributing to your challenges. But don't despair! We understand the challenge and are here to help restore a sustainable, healthy balance through a diet and supplementation tailored to improving gastrointestinal health - something that will truly set you up for success.
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