How Do We Burn Fat instead of Sugar?

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As most of you know, December is the worse month for new patients to begin a weight loss program. So every December we have a special. And this December it's about fat loss!!

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So what's the hype about light and laser for fat loss? You see when the body needs energy, it typically goes to the blood and gets it from glucose first, then it gets energy from the glycogen stored in the liver. So what about fat?

The body’s natural response is to burn sugar first. It may be helpful to think of fat and sugar use for energy as two separate faucets: when sugar is available, the body will turn down the volume of fat burn on one faucet and increase the sugar burn of the other faucet.

So let's first understand that eating a lot of carbohydrates won't help you lose fat. More so, eating carbohydrates that release sugar into the blood stream is one sure way to make sure the body doesn't burn fat.

So any diet plan designed to reduce fat, must regulate blood sugar so that there isn't high peaks requiring a lot of insulin. By avoiding this situation, you can teach your body to use fat as the primary energy source.

Bottomline, is there is no light or laser treatment or any lipolysis treatment that can counteract a high sugar diet. So stick to a diet that only includes low glycemic load carbs, like that suggested with ChiroThin.


Now, that we got the requirement of a low glycemic load diet discussed, let's talk about our light and laser body sculpting.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that the 635nm low level light and lasers, allow light photons to be absorbed by the mitochondria of the fat cell.

A membrane, cytochrome c oxidase, is actually what absorbs the light photons. And this produces adenosine triphosphate, which stimulates the fat cell to emulsify (liquefy) the fat within the cell.

Then, the liquefied fat moves from inside the cell, through a temporary pore formed in the cell membrane, to outside the cell where it is in the interstitial space. The lymphatic system is prompted to absorb this released fat. This is where immune cells called macrophages release liposomal acid lipase to breakdown the triglycerides into small enough glycerol and free fatty acids so that it can enter the blood steam.

Millions of fat cells become smaller, so inches are reduced off the arms, waist, hips and thighs. The fat cells are not injured in any way by this process.

The cool part of all of this, is fat cells actually have a short life when they're not needed, so when the fat cell is empty and there is no longer a use for the cell it's eliminated through apoptosis, or an easier way to say it, is the cell dies and our immune system picks up the waste.

Bottomline, the best way to ensure that your weight loss is fat loss? In my opinion it is to combine your weight loss program of healthy eating (of a low glycemic load diet) with one of our lipolysis devices:)