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Week 6 – Day 40

Hopefully you took the advice given in Week 6 - Day 39, and you took some time to develop a plan for the next step.

Now, here’s the rest of the secret…

Make a decision to follow your plan, commit to it, and watch an even greater level of success flow into your life.

Ballantyne Weight Loss Center at Gallagher Chiropractic and Wellness

If you are at your goal weight, then your plan will be to maintain that weight. You need to decide that that is what you are going to do, then commit to doing it—and guess what… you will succeed at maintaining the weight loss.

If you still have more weight to lose in order to reach your final weight loss goal, then you need to decide that you are going to successfully complete the ChiroThin cycling phase and then start another round of ChiroThin. Once you have made the decision, commit to it.

If you decide you're going to celebrate and worry about your weight last week, then guess what, you're going to gain some weight back and some of the effort you made the last 6 weeks will be for nothing.

So we are hopeful that you decide to maintain your weight, or cycle to being another round. Regardless of where you are, make sure you let your weight loss consultant, probably me (Tammy) know on your last follow-up visit! We will help you follow through.

Only two days left and you're off to the next chapter of your life. What will it be? It's yours to decide. Stay true to your goals!

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