Week 3 – Day 18

"Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except for by those that dared to believe that there is something inside of them that's superior to circumstance."

Bruce Barton
former US Congressman

We think this pretty much says it all! Your WILL is all you need to get this done.

Ballantyne Weight Loss Center at Gallagher Chiropractic and Wellness in Charlotte

At some point your weight loss will slow, if it hasn't already, and you may get a little frustrated. I will tell you that has happened to me this week. But remember that your weight will come off in waves.

However, if you go three days without having at least 1/2 pound weight loss cumulative, this is what I suggest, and would be allowed no more than once per week for the balance of the diet if you're not losing at least 3 pounds per week for those that are obese, and 2 pounds per week for those over weight.

ChiroThin Shrimp Cocktail

I also suggest this for anyone that has the will power and discipline to do so, as well as anyone on the diet that already has a normal BMI and body fat percentage that is struggling getting the last 5 to 10 pounds off like me.

Take one day of all protien, and drop your veggies and fruits. Increase your protein to 6 oz per meal. No more than 1 oz of free foods.

For example, I am planning an all protien day tomorrow, and likely will do so for the second half of my program every Wednesday. I have 7 pounds more to lose and want this accomplised by the end of the program. I am choosing Wednesday because it's a very busy day for me at work and when I'm busy I don't think about food as much!

My day will be shrimp cocktail for lunch and seabass for dinner. 6 oz each, but I'll have some cocktail sauce (noted in the recipe book) with my shrimp and some lemon pepper seasoning with my fish. Small amounts of free food for flavor only.

This little trick will usually get you over your plateau because it of the lack of carbohydrates eaten. As always, make sure your protein is 97% fat free!