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Skinny Syrup

I often get requests associated with zero calorie cream for coffee, so I recently did a little digging and found a brand that I was very excited about. I bought salted carmel foaming cream that is sweetened with sucralose and natural flavors. Tastes great too.

However, come to find out, just shortly after I ordered it their foaming creams were discontinued...

So I don't really have a good creamer to share with you as I had hoped, but while exploring their site, I found many things that may be able to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Check this out:

Now, not everything they have is ChiroThin compliant, so always look at the calories first. Only if it's zero calories is it allowed.

I do want to caution you that sucralose is not my favorite sweetener. It's chlorinated sugar, and according to a study by Duke it changes the bacteria balance in your GI tract negatively, so do not consume in excess and we don't recommend using sucralose if you have any gastrointestinal issues such as IBS or IBD.

This Sugar Free Salted Carmel looks fabulous.

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